Environmental sanition

As concluded from research growing (fibre)hemp in concentrated plots is an ecological and cost-effective way to remediate the soil, clean the water and the air. On top we create a local produce that is ready to be refined into different products.

3d printerfilament

Printing with hemp is the future. Support us in our productional setup by making a donation.

This website works as an information portal on hemp. It combines our joint efforts, reports on advancements both scientifically and experimental, connects with industry and forms our public invitation to take part.

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Water, soil and air sanitation

Differentiating landscapes, permaculture, hemp-corridors, hempcrete, … there are numerous options to clean our lands but planting the crop hemp might be the most ecological and economical one.

Micro-decorticators and other machinery

There are a number of technologies necessary to be able to work with the fast growing hemp plant, especially because its fiber belongs to the strongest in the world.  That means machines have to be extra durable to withstand the forces and extra expensive.


Hemp filament & 3d-printing

With hemp filament and 3d printing, new options become available to the masses. We at Hemp Nation One are testing the latest equipment.  

What can you do ?

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