The possibilities of hemp

Welcome to the future … cleanup

As we enter an era in which the possibilities of the hemp plant become clear in every industry we want to make sure it’s proverbial fruits are inclusive, truly sustainable, innovative and beneficial for the communities.
Everybody should benefit from what this wonderful plant can produce and do.  

Endless possibilities

To do this, we need you support. Every kind tweet helps but consider a donation to jump-start our enterprise. Because we want to do more.  Hemp Nation One is a platform for developers, architects and designers alike but also an international community of farmers and secondary industries, it’s all about maximizing our options in our management of the climate and our surroundings.  

The only plant that can clothe you, feed you and house you.

So consider the benefits of an air and water-purifying, soil remediating, fast growing crop in our industrialized environment.  In stead of invasive digging, the roots absorb and disperse toxic waste and heavy metals.  The crop can then safely be used for construction purposes.  These are essential assets and marvelous investing opportunities for a circular economy setup in all aspects.  

We are working hard to make that happen but we can do more by automating a good part.