Hemp Nation One is the cooperative project to free hemp in our daily use, industry, foodcycles and above all eliminate the barriers for people to use the product in it’s over 50.000 possible appliances and techniques.

To do this we are developing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Transparent in its workings, the DAO is publicly available on Github.


Hemp Nation One is for you … it is the whole community of like minded people, the joined effort to automate our climate restauration with the inclusive design of a better life in general thanks to our beloved plant.

You are invited to discover the different communities on social here.


In the coming decade Hemp Nation One pledges to help turn our production cycles sustainable, to develop methods and techniques, to bring peopple together, to install permaculture and new environmental designs.


Start with what you have.  The building of this company is an active way to help your community forward and joining is a first step.  It connects you with like minded people and sets you up for support to your own (hemp)projects.
Begin by joining our Discord server here.

Can you help? 

Hemp Nation One is an independent enterprise fueled by volunteers and you’re very welcome to join us.

Can you help us jumpstart this start-up with a donation?  Your generosity is very much appreciated.