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HEMP NATION ONE is a plan.


HEMP NATION ONE is not a dream but a plan.

It is the plan to rehabilitate hemp in all it’s potential. We reintroduce hemp as the ‘in between’ crops toclean and reactivate the soil and test our findings.
It is the plan to reinstate hemp for all kinds of things, from fuel to fiber, from medicine to food, from clothing to hempcrete, from paper to canvas to composite..

It is the plan to replace dirty and old technology and customs by offering hemp products at an industrial scale to local research and production facilities.
It is the plan to regulate and legalize this plant and return it to the people by offering methods, legal frameworks and powerful networked solutions.

In 2020-25 HEMP NATION ONE will develop partnerships with organizations that are focused on the preservation of nature, permaculture, soil sanitation, architectural and productdesign en of course the production and sale of anything hemp.

We hope you will take on the challenge to allow ecological hemp goods in your home.
Making the world a pleasant, cleaner, quieter place is something we all can approve of.
HEMP NATION ONE wants you to offer that chance.
Don’t forget to clean up for the next generation here.
Your children will thank you.

One World
One People
One Love

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